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"i feel so stupid :’("


dear JYP NATION stans,

I’m proudly declaring that 2014 is our year!

*cue start ranting*

first, we were introduced to the new addition of the family, GOT7! then they had the starcast new year online chat with JYP Nation. they gave us 15& ‘cant hide it’ single comeback and BERNARD PARK join the crowd. next, SUNMI comeback and introduced future-family-member, LENA. another comeback from 15& that returned with their full album. GOT7 makes a comeback. JUN.K with his single ‘NO LOVE’ which i love sooooo much and JUNHO’s activities in japan. not to forget TAECYEON with his kbs drama. JO KWON with his musical and the list goes on.

although SOHEE and SAN-E are no longer the official member of JYP NATION but hey, once a family always a family. SAN-E did so well on charts and SOHEE~ oh God, she looks absolutely stuning on her pictorials and those reebok’s ads with T.O.P? they are jaw-dropping-hot!!

the real, big fat cake is of course, the JYP NATION CONCERT although they didnt put WONDER GIRLS in their poster which i feel, as a fellow WONDERFULS as a bit disheartening and hurtful too (but there’s a rumor that YOOBIN and YEEUN gonna join them so who knows? LIM is filming a film, i heard.) and then bammmmmm~ YEEUN is going solo! this is like dream comes true~ 

so YEAY for us! lets support each and every member of JYP NATION <3

Information about the Dating with GOT7 event


  1. Between Thrill and Sweet, Amusement Park Date - JB, Jackson, Yugyeom, Bambam
  2. Romantic date in midnight summer - Mark, Jr, Yugyeom
  3. Date preparation

How can you participate in the event??

♡ Among the three episodes of ‘Dating with GOT7’ by STARCAST, pick your favorite photo and feel free to write down the reason why you like it.
For example, <Between Thrill and Sweet, Amusement Park Date>_BamBam_photo of giving lollipop candy_I like his facial expression and feel like he gives the candy to me for real>_<

♡ July 26, check the winner on Naver STARCAST and keep the GOT7’s album having each member’s autograph and comments that will be delivered over your place.

 Do comment on your favourite photo in it’s respective article!


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